Thursday, June 20, 2013

OneNote 2013–Bringing Sexy Back (5-Part Series)

No, this isn’t a post about JT or even JF. It’s about OneNote, an e-Notebook-style, note-taking, ink-drawing, note-organizing, video-capturing,imagesCA2Y2EGI audio-recording, screenshot-snipping, research-gathering realtime-collaborating tool that’s a part of Microsoft Office.

I’d like to talk a little about a software app that I’ve loved for years, but that I think is finally getting it’s due recognition now in the days of Office 2013.  Yep, OneNote is here. For years many of you may have ignored this little app as part of your Office Premium package (just like you ignored InfoPath), but now, I’ll show you why I think OneNote is coming back to forefront of the Office suite, and why you should take a closer look.


Over the next 5 posts, I’ll show you that OneNote is making a comeback because:

  1. It SharePoints!
  2. It Sells for $0!
  3. It Syncs!
  4. It Surfaces!
  5. It Surface Pros!

Do you use OneNote? What are your thoughts?

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