Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Memoires of a Tech Speaker

I was reflecting on the presentations I’ve given over the last 12 months, and thought it might be helpful to list them all in one place, including links to the slidedecks.  I think I’ll also keep this particular post updated with future presentations as well.
Now you can’t say I never did anything nice for you… : )


SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow and Azure Functions - What Does It All Mean?
Microsoft Dog Food Conference 2016 – Columbus, OH


Getting Information from SharePoint - A 365 Degree View
Microsoft DogFood Conference 2015


InfoPath - I Ain't Dead Yet
SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati 2015


Moving Your SharePoint Development to the Cloud
Microsoft DogFood Conference 2015
Bennett Adelson .NET SIG – Cleveland, OH


SharePoint Futures: Processing the MS Ignite Conference Announcements
Bennett Adelson SharePoint Roundtable – Cleveland, OH


End-User Guide to SharePoint and Office365
SharePoint Saturday Columbus 2015


JavaScript & CSS in SharePoint: Lessons Learned from the Field
SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OH
SharePoint Saturday Columbus – Columbus, OH
Bennett Adelson SharePoint Roundtable – Cleveland, OH


SharePoint PowerShell for the Admin & Dev
Microsoft Dog Food Conference 2013 – Columbus, OH

What’s New for Developers in SharePoint 2013
Microsoft SharePoint/Visual Studio 2012 Tour – Columbus, OH
Microsoft SharePoint/Visual Studio 2012 Tour – Cleveland, OH
  • An exclusive look at the new development features and functionality in SharePoint 2013, including the new Cloud App Model, development tools, platform enhancements, additional APIs for full trust solutions, and the different extensibility opportunities available to the developer
Bridging the Gap between Development & Operations
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Launch Event – Columbus, OH
  • Overview of how tools like Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, and System Center Operations Manager can help the application lifecycle management experience
SharePoint 2013 Development Features 
Microsoft Dog Food Conference 2012 – Columbus, OH
Buckeye SharePoint User Group – Columbus, OH
  • Overview of the new tools, options, and development model for development in SharePoint 2013
Azure and SharePoint Integration
AgileDotNet Conference – Columbus, OH
Buckeye SharePoint User Group – Columbus, OH

SharePoint Saturday - Atlanta, GA
  • Overview of integration options for development with Azure and SharePoint
The Power of Infopath 2010
Buckeye SharePoint User Group – Columbus, OH
Microsoft Dog Food Conference 2012 – Columbus, OH
Dayton SharePoint User Group – Dayton, OH

SharePoint Saturday - Los Angeles, CA
  • Overview and live demo of many of the features of InfoPath 2010
Introduction to SharePoint 2010
Microsoft and K2 SharePoint 2010 Solutions Roadshow – Columbus, OH

  • Overview of the features and opportunities in SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2010 - A Game-Changer for your Business
National BDPA Conference 2011 - Chicago, IL

  • Value proposition of SharePoint 2011, as well as discussion of Office 365.
SharePoint Development Enhancements in 2010
Microsoft Heartland SharePoint Conference 2011 – Lewis Center, OH
Buckeye SharePoint User Group – Columbus, OH

SharePoint Saturday - India
SharePoint Saturday - Washington, DC
SharePoint Saturday - Columbus, OH

  • SharePoint 2007 vs 2010 as it relates to development
  • What part Team Foundation Server can play in SharePoint development
  • How Silverlight has become an important technology for SharePoint
Business Automation with SharePoint
Dayton SharePoint User Group – Dayton, OH
  • Workflows in SharePoint 2007 and 2010
  • InfoPath 2007 and 2010
Document Management Using SharePoint
SharePoint Saturday – Columbus, OH

  • SharePoint 2007
  • SharePoint 2010
  • InfoPath Forms
Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010
Columbus region Microsoft Launch Event: Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010, with Steve Caravejal

  • Discussed new features of Office 2010 and Exchange 2010
  • Discussed the integration enhancements with Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010
  • Discussed Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7
How to Use Facebook Effectively
BDPA Information Exchange Meeting

  • Discussed advanced features of Facebook
  • A portion of my presentation talked about the [then] upcoming integration with “Docs”, ie Office Web Apps. Demonstrated the advantages of Office Web Apps in general.
The Challenges of Real-World SharePoint
Central Ohio SharePoint User Group

  • Discussed challenges related to using SharePoint outside of the corporate enterprise
  • Discussed how SharePoint 2010 addressed and improved the issues that I mentioned
S.O.L.I.D. Principles in Software Development
nPlus1 Architects Summit

  • Discussed the Single Responsibility and Open Closed principles
  • Also showed how the principles could be applied to SharePoint development
Application LifeCycle Management and Team Foundation Server; Team System Webinar; nationally-broadcast

  • Team Foundation Server 2005
  • Application Lifecycle Management principles

Thursday, February 10, 2011

SharePoint Workflow for Cowboys: my slide deck from DaySPUG

I had a great time hanging with the members of the Dayton SharePoint User Group this past Tuesday.  We discussed “Business Process Automation with SharePoint and Workflow – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”.  I talked about how the tools and development experience of automating process using SharePoint have improved in SharePoint 2010 (the Good) versus SharePoint 2007 (the Bad, the Ugly).  [I gave them the disclaimer that the “Bad” and “Ugly” bit was just for effect – MOSS 2007 is still awesome] :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Intro to SharePoint 2010 in 60 minutes

I was asked by Microsoft to speak this morning to a group of customers interested in some of the ISV products built on top of SharePoint, like K2 and BA Insight.  I gave a 1-hour introduction to SharePoint 2010, to help the audience get a good foundation in preparation for product demonstrations they would later see during the day.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Business Process Automation Tips

On Tuesday, I’ll be the guest speaker at the Dayton SharePoint User Group (www.dayspug.org).  I’ll be speaking on Business Process Management/Automation using SharePoint and Workflow.
As I consider this topic, I thought I might share some guidance on the process of automating your organization’s business processes, regardless of whether you use SharePoint or any other automation technology.  Anyone who has endured the fun of auditing, documenting, and ultimately automating the way in which their company does things will tell you that the planning side of it is just as significant, if not more so, than the technical implementation.
Here are some tips that could help you and your team have a smoother and less frustrating experience:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Slides from Microsoft Heartland SharePoint Conference 2011

Conference Theme: Transforming Your Business with SharePoint 2010
Disclaimer: The pictures that reference SharePoint 2007 are for effect only – SharePoint is still awesome no matter what the version!  (well… maybe not version 2003) : )

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Countdown to the Conference: The Show Must Go On

Although the dreaded snow storm is approaching, I’m told the Microsoft Heartland Conference here in Columbus, Ohio is still scheduled to continue tomorrow.  So, you still have a chance to hear from the likes of SharePoint Evangelist Joel Oleson, SharePoint Master-Certified Mario Fulan… and even me! :)  It’ll take more than a few snowflakes and some ominous-looking clouds to keep us from geeking out on SharePoint.

Speaking of clouds, Winking smile I wrote in a previous post about the impact that I think Microsoft’s cloud-based offering, imageOffice365, will have on SharePoint developers.  I’ll be talking more about this topic during my presentation, and mentioning how certain aspects of developing for SharePoint Online present both advantages as well as challenges.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow – be sure to tell ‘em that Rix Bits the SharePoint Cowbell sent ya! :)