Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Office 365 Upgrade to SharePoint 2013

The long-awaited upgrade of Office 365 sites to SharePoint 2013 is rolling out, and I was finally hit by one of the waves. If you’re still waiting for your upgrade to take effect, here’s what your experience may be like (click images to enlarge).

Here’s the email that let me know it was time to get the party started:



Upgrading the Team Site

Once I logged in, a nice colored ribbon at the top of the screen let me know I could begin the process whenever I’m ready:


Clicking “Start now” reveals my takeoff instructions:


Just another check to make sure I’m sure:


Last chance to change my mind!:


Now the fun has begun:


Total cooking time was about 8-9 minutes. Then my SharePoint soufflé was complete:


Voilà! My vanilla 2010 site is now vanilla 2013!:


Upgrading MySite

But wait! When I try to go to my MySite, it’s still 2010. I suppose that makes sense – this is a site collection upgrade process, and MySite is a separate site collection:


What I didn’t expect, tho, was that I’d have to go thru the process twice – once for My Content, and once for My Profile & Newsfeed. Nevertheless, the cooking time was only about 1 minute, tho it must have been a bit trickier on the backend, as suggested by the new pink ribbon:


When done, MySite was all 2013’ed, including a nice message to help me take advantage of some of the new MySite features in 2013:



Upgrading the Public Site

Well, unlike the MySite, I didn’t get a choice about upgrading the Public site – it’s already baked and ready to be served:


And there you have it – my 3-legged milking stool process ends with a fully converted Office 365 SharePoint site – let the 2013 fun begin!

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