Thursday, July 12, 2012

Speaking at SPS Louisville

I know how upset you were when you realized you had missed my talk at SPS Atlanta last month on SharePoint & Windows Azure integration. Oh, the tear-soaked pillows and so many boxes of Kleenex. : ) But fear not! You have another chance to hear my talk, as I’ll be speaking this month at SharePoint Saturday Louisville on July 28th.

And it gets even better! As you may have heard, some new & exciting features have been announced for Azure in the past few weeks. I will most certainly be adding some incorporation of these new features into my talk.

But wait – there’s more! In addition to my talk, you also get to check out all the other great speakers that will also be in attendance at #SPSLouisville. We’re talking about a full-day of great SharePoint content – all for free!

I hope to see you in Kentucky on July 28th. Otherwise, who knows when you might ever be able to hear the Cowbell speak on SharePoint again??? (hint – August 1st; stay tuned for more self-promoting info to come) Let the countdown begin!

SPSLouisville-webspeakerbadgeBTW - The SPS Louisville committee made these kool ‘badges’ for the speakers, so we can add to them to our email sigs and what-not – so I’m going to add mine right here. : )


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