Monday, June 11, 2012

The CowBell Rings in Azure

imageThis has been a big week for Azure. Scott Guthrie’s keynote about the new Azure features being launched was pretty exciting. There have also been Kick Start events nationwide for Azure, including one here in Columbus, OH this past Saturday, which I attended. My main interest involves Azure & SharePoint integration.

But what’s also kool is that Microsoft is allowing a select few to participate in their preview of Media Services, VM’s, and Web Sites. I was selected among the first wave of participants, so expect to see more Azure/SharePoint blog posts coming in the near future.

In fact, I jumped right in with both feet by utilizing the new Web Site feature of Azure to fire up (in minutes) a WordPress blog site. My intent is to mirror any SPCowbell posts from this site to my Azure-hosted blog, which can be found at

So, the Cowbell is once again ringing in the Cloud! I hope I don’t wake up my neighbors…  : )


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