Thursday, May 17, 2012

SharePoint vs Skyrim

I, like millions of others, have an addiction… and its name is Skyrim.  Also known as The Elder Scrolls V, it’s a video game – the only video game you’ll ever need. : )

The problem is, as much as I’d like to play it for hundreds of hours like so many others, regardless of its effects on our fragile economy, I can’t – because SharePoint won’t let me. I have speaking engagements coming up, and SharePoint says that I should prepare for them. Instead of exploring the world of Tamriel trying to figure out how to stop the evil dragons, I have to explore the world of Azure and figure out the many ways that SharePoint integrates with it. Instead of deciding between my mace or my sword as I go into battle, I have to decide between farm or sandboxed solutions as I go into my next project.

Sigh… perhaps one day, my Skyrim addiction and my SharePoint addiction will find a way to control my life in a more balanced way. I’ll call it ShareRim….  Smile

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